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Testimony to Ministry

November 10, 2009 – Craig

Testimony to Ministry


Ever since I was a child, I just knew that there was a God and I loved Him. All who love Jesus obey Him and observe His commandments, John 14:15. I could always discern a strong presence around me that was comfortable and would always protect me. Many times in my childhood I was awaken in the middle of the night. I would get out of my bed and walk towards my parent’s room. Their room was on the other side of the house and I would see beings walking around as if they were busy moving things and purposely misplacing our belongings. Before I go any further I want you all to know that these beings are only fallen angels that were cast out of heaven for joining the rebellion that Satan started in heaven and that God will end here on earth. This rebellion started the battle of Armageddon. As Christians, this is the battle that we are engaged in everyday. This battle is for the souls of man and there are angels that are with us and against us.

graveangelsfallenThese fallen angels are not ghost or the dead coming back to life as it is clearly stated in the book of Job 14:10-12 “But man dieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where [is] he? [As] the waters fail from the sea, and the flood decayeth and drieth up: So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens [be] no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.”  We can find further proof in Daniel 12:2 “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame [and] everlasting contempt.”   state of the dead video.

When I would come across these fallen angels, they knew that I could see them and I could discern that they could not harm me.  Sometimes I would just hide and watch them.  It was not till my later years in life that I saw them appearing during the day. I was a bit frightened as they appeared in perfect human form. I remember one time, one appeared to me in such perfection. He looked just like a man. I thought he had just broken into the house to steal some things but when he disappear into thin air, it was clear to me that he was not a man.

offersIn my high school years, I was involved with sports and had no room for really anything else. I was planning to make a career out of it until my life took an unexpected turn in my senior year. One time, I was flying back home to Austin from Missouri. As I was getting closer to home I started to feel different. I felt crowded, even though it was just me and my mom in the car. I could not think clear. It seemed as if a battle was taking place. I was not fighting in this battle. I was just in the middle of it but still comforted. At that time in my life, I had everything the world could offer someone and many more possibilities were opening.

That night I went to lie down in my bed to go to sleep and as my mom shut the lights off to say good night, I could discern a very wicked presence coming towards my room.  As I was starting to go to sleep, I could sense this most horrible, awful, and most terrible fallen angel approaching me.  It was like wrapping up all the wickedness in the world and placing it all into just one of the fallen angels and then knowing that he was the cause of all wickedness in the world. It was as if there was a chain of command and he was it.

This fallen angel was so powerful that I became paralyzed by his presence before he even came into my room. Other fallen angels that I have encounter were nothing like this at all. Their presence was nowhere, not even close to being as strong as this one. I could not move an ounce. His face was long and he had a big forehead. It was very dark in my room and I could only see the shadow he was casting from his appearance. His shadow was darker than the darkness in the room. When he walked into the bedroom he could barely fit through the door and as he stood at the end of my bed, he began to pull me close to him without even touching me. He was doing everything with his mind. He was not talking to me but I could understand everything that was going on. He was the one that had given to me all my worldly status and gain. I was trying to fight but I could not move.

grandmaAll I could remember was what my grandma had told me when I was a little boy. My grandma told me one time that if I was ever in any trouble, I just needed to call out to Jesus and He would save you. I was fighting so hard to get those words out of my mouth. I started to feel that comforting presence around me again that I would get when I was a child. I then had the power to cry out to Jesus. As I was able to cry out to the God of Heaven, a very loving and humble, and caring power had cast the evil one immediately out of my presence. After experiencing that, anyone would have made a run for it to their parent’s room but I was so comforted and at peace, I just fell asleep. When I woke  in the morning, I remembered all that had happened and felt there was really no need to tell anyone about this, for they may think that I was crazy.

hydeparkAfter this had happened, I found myself going to a Baptist church where I learned a few things that I now know were just lies. I naturally gave my whole life up for Christ at that time, to the point that I had to leave and transfer to another high school because of the persecution that followed. I gave up the world, rejected satan, turned to God, confessed my sins, and received Him as my Saviour. After that, I could not stop talking about Jesus. My life had taken a 180° turn and people that once knew me did not like the change and sought to devour me. I had lost all my worldly status and gain fast.

I also naturally wanted to keep the commandments of God but the once saved always saved false prophet apostate-fallen-Protestantism gospel they had taught me in that Baptist Church, caused me to slip away from my first love and fell at the wayside and back into the world. Their religion teaches that we can break the commandments and still make it to heaven. This is not so because Jesus says “if you will enter into life keep the commandments” and “if you love me keep my commandments” and “Blessed [are] they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city,” Matthew 19:17, John 14:15, Revelation 22:14. The truth is, by receiving Jesus as Lord He then helps you keep His ways and His commandment. They become easy to keep because of your love for Him.

SaviourSeveral years later, I remember waking up one morning and that same comfortable presence that I had experienced throughout my past was there again in my midst. I cried out to God and said I want to know the truth. Save me from my self. I love you and want to be with you but I feel like I’m dying from all the poisons the world has pumped into my soul. I found myself dropping the world again and all my attachments.  I then asked Jesus, “where do we go from here and where do I start? I’m all yours and I will not look back.” I struggled with what kind of career I needed to pursue without that college degree I was previously trying to gain. I never really paid attention in school. I was always day dreaming. So the only thing that kept coming to mind was to find something in driving. So I started to search and came up with over the road truck driving.

trkusFrom that point on every time I made a decision, I tried to make sure first that the Great Comforter was there. I would listen to Him and only Him. I started to get excited about all this truck driving business but then I started to realize that I was on my way to solitude and complete aloneness. I prayed and said ok place me where you want me and I will go. So I went to school in Waco, Texas and found myself driving for Usxpress. I drove for a year by myself until my dad finally retired and decided to team up with me. During that time, I found myself reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. For some reason I was really wanting to just skip everything else in the Bible and just start reading the book of Revelation but I had said to myself, “I will read as it is written.” During this time, I was listening to Protestant preachers and the Catholic channel. This is almost all I watched when I had the television on. I was trying to find out who was the true church because they both appeared to be the same. What I later came to realize was that God was having me study them for the life ahead. I even remember thinking to myself why don’t these Protestants and Catholics just merge into one church?

There was most definitely a battle going on in the truck. When I finally got to the book of Revelation I had questions that neither one of those two religions could answer. Every time I called the 700 Club or TBN all they said was, “I really don’t know, how much would you like to donate today, sir?” I just said, “good day” and hung up. I was confused because what I just read in the book of Revelation was not lining up with anything they were preaching on television.  It was nothing but prosperity preaching and worldly gain. Filthy lucres they are, Titus 1:11.

So I remember sitting in my truck praying to God again in the middle of the desert at a flying j truck stop. This is where I could get internet connection. I was on Interstate 10 at the state line of Arizona and California. I was asking God for more wisdom, knowledge, understanding followed by obedience to all that I will learn in truth. I wanted this so bad because the world is a lie. I really never had spent much time online before because my Dad and I were always working and never sitting very much where we could get internet time. However, God provided time out there in the desert so I began to search. This was the beginning of my journey into the book of Revelation in all its truth. I spent two days searching online with hardly any sleep in between.

stopI came to a website called and what I had just learned shocked me. I could not breathe. The Sabbath truth came out, mark of the beast followed, and such. I had to get out of my truck at around 3:00am and try to regain my emotions.  I could discern the presence of God and all of heaven watching me fall to my knees in the lonely desert. The first thing I said was, “this is truth, I love you Jesus and everyone must know this truth. I will tell everyone.“ I then remember crying and saying “I’m just a man with little money and no one wants to listen to me talk about you, Jesus. The world has turned their back on me and made me an outcast.”

So at that time, I got up off my knees and went back into the truck and continued to watch the videos, along with reading, and found myself in great conviction to no longer stay at that website. Some of the things they were teaching were in error and started to not make sense. So I listened to the Holy Spirit and kept searching. I then found and started to read and then watch those videos. The same Spirit that had led me to was the same Spirit that was behind the person that built the website.  I began to really know the truth and it became very clear. I could almost hear God say to me stay put, this is your brother Nicholas and he will help you.  That was the same comfort that I had in my childhood days convict me of this.

Now at this same time, there was a battle going on. I had a number in my phone that I guess I had saved from long back and it was in my Pastoral phone list. I decided to call it and share to them all that I had just learned. I was thinking it was some Protestant connection. It ended up being of all numbers a Seventh Day Adventist Pastor from Chicago that I must have seen on television. I started to talk with him with great excitement and he was amazed on how I came to the present truth.  I then told the SDA Pastor that I will tell everyone about this truth and that I will go to Rome and confront them. He quickly said, “you can’t do that because we have to wait for them to enforce SUNday laws first.” As he said that, he seemed disturb and confused as to why I would want to tell everyone now. He picked up on my urgency to share to the world about the present truth. I was convicted to end the conversation there and to not call him back or speak to another one that thinks like him again.

presentsofGODAs time passed, I final decided to call and see if I could speak to someone. I was thinking that it would just be some person that was going to answer the phone rather than the person who wrote the website, you know? Because how many Pastors spend their time answering phones but right when Nic picked up the phone, I was convicted that this is the man who wrote the website. During that moment, it was like heaven was listening in and I felt joy all around me. From that moment on, any questions I had were answered correctly. I would spend all my time studying over the next 2 and half years about 14 hrs a day and hardly sleeping. I bought an audio Bible to listen to and the Ellen White audio books. I was learning fast like there was no time to spare.

During this time, I found out that I could ask brother Nic for a copy of his videos on DVD. I would then be able pass them out to all the people without saying a word because after I had spent a few years in solitude, I lost my skills to communicate to others.  All I ever did was read the Bible and I talked to no one but God and my close family.

dvdI started to save my money and then was able to buy a DVD burner which would make about a hundred copies a day. I had stored up about 5,000 DVD’s like a chipmunk with his nuts. I hit every church around my house and in the surrounding areas and all over the United States. I was caught a few times and was put into a few frightening situation but nothing I could not handle with God’s help. PTL (Praise the Lord)!!! I remember one time, I gave the local priest back home a copy of the videos. He seemed to be a bit nervous around me. I hope his heart was convicted to the truth because a couple of months later he died and was laid to rest. That made big news. He was the Priest there for over 30 years, from what I can remember.

From the time I started to read the Bible to the time I came into the present truth, 3 and a half years had passed. A shift in my life started to take place when a young lady in faith was introduced to me by another brother in Christ. I had no idea what was going on but before I knew it, God gave me the strength to ask Countryliving (Ade) to marry me and she said yes. I could just feel the joy in the air from the surrounding angels and God Himself about all the things that were taking place. Within a few months, I was on my way to Singapore and ready to take everything that I had learned from God and brother Nic, along with brother Rob Sessler’s teachings and tell the world. I had always enjoyed studying that amazing prophecy chart layout that br. Sessler has on his website. While on my way to Singapore, I had no fears in my heart at all. I never felt alone. I knew this was all God’s will that was working in my life. His Words and His instructions were clear to me. Just as they are written in the book of Matthew 28:20 “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen. “

plantripAfter Ade and I were finally married we were on our way to the Philippines where we had no idea what was ahead of us. We knew what we were going to do and that was to spread the truth as fast as we could without stopping and letting nothing get in our way. All we were convicted to do was to get the present truth message out there fast, with no delay. Ade and I were filled with excitement and how God paired us two together to do the work.

We both knew that we would need some income to push this message fast because the support from others said that they had no more means to help with the church anymore. They cut the church off. God is good because long back during my years of driving after receiving the truth, I saved a lot of money and now I know why. Amen. He prepared us for that time by previously instructing Ade and I to start saving money. God moved us to buy 60 acres of land for farming and it just so happened that a big rice farm had just opened up down the road from the church. We knew that this farm was going to be for the missionary work ahead. We also saw an opening for some land in the mountain that looks like it is going to be used for the time of trouble. So we purchased a piece of the mountain too.

farmAs several months had passed, the church and some other brethren from around the area were moved to ask if I would become a full time gospel worker. I said but I am already working for the Lord in His vineyard. What do you mean by this? I really did not understand what they were saying or asking, LOL!!! They wanted to know if I would be a Minister. I was a bit afraid because I’m not worthy to do this and told them I need time to pray and think and see what others back home think about this first. Well I called back home and they said they would acknowledge my ordination.  I told Brother Nic I was afraid and did not know if I was ready for this. He said if the Holy Spirit is moving on the church to ordain you then you should not stop them.

preachI stepped back and carefully looked at everything with prayer and was convicted that this is what God wanted and in tears I said yes. I asked the Lord if He could please never let me slip away from the truth because I’m afraid of messing up or doing something wrong. I only want to do what is right, GOD. So with that said we followed the gospel order and notified all those that we knew. Many where happy with acknowledging the ordination and sent their blessings, however some never got back to us from around the islands out here so we waited and waited.  As few weeks had passed, the Holy Spirit moved the church and we gathered early Sabbath morning as an organized church body and with the blessing of many. We all gathered around together and then one of the elders said a prayer and it was over with.  They all blessed me and the ordination was sealed and finally completed.

incontrolGod is in control of everything and nothing happens out side His will and so through the power of God the enemy just lost another battle in my life. What was amazing was when I stood up to look at everyone they all had tears in their eyes and I was moved. The presence of God and all of heaven were there in that Sabbath morning service. It was the same comfort that I had with me since I was a child that was there with us during my ordination. I was at complete peace.

One thing that we do know now is that Satan hates us and he is doing everything he can to stop us. He is using everyone he can to try and slow the work down. He know that his time is about up. I know how satan works and how it is very easy to confuse people even if they are in the present truth or striving for it. Satan will stop at nothing to attack God’s people to try and divert their attention from the work. He will try and use those that will listen to him to cause others that are working hard to feel discouraged by others’ actions and suggestion of moving on their own and not in truth. We as Christians must fight through disappointments and actions of others, even if they are in our numbers, and continue to fight and spread this truth. Satan works on emotions. So just some words of truth, don’t get discouraged or disappointed because of the way others may act or treat you. God will vindicate for you when the time is right and He will deal with those that want to stir up problems rather than do the work where God has placed them. We have two choices in God’s vineyard, we do the work or He will replace us and give it to others. The work must get done. We need to help and love one another. We need to get prepared for translation and the time of trouble. The 144,000 will lead the escape goat out to the land of forgetfulness by denying all of satans sugestions to sin.144,000

We will not stop doing the work but remain busy till the eastern sky splits. There is no time to waste. Please study and read your Bibles and the writings of dear Sister Ellen White. We all have a work to do and we must stay busy. Our work will follow us. Wherever the Lord has placed you, that is your mission field, God’s vineyard, and your post. God bless to those that work for God and to the remnant scattered. We Love you all!!!

Your brothers and sisters from the Seventh Day Remnant Philippines, God is Good!!!



December 12, 2009 - Posted by | Prophecy


  1. This is a beautiful story. Your story represents that no one really knows what they’ll be doing in the future. We plan in our minds one thing and it might end up being another. What better occupation to have than to win souls for the Lord. May God Bless you and yours.

    Comment by Stephanie | November 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. craigade, your story is a wonderful testimony to all who read it. I pray that the LORD will continually Bless you & your home church in the Philippines. See you in the chat room. Your sister in CHRIST.

    Comment by sherryl | November 15, 2009 | Reply

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