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November 17, 2009 by – Craig


Everyone must understand that satan wants you to think that he looks like this so that when he manifests himself in the flesh during the hour of temptation, when he pretends to be Jesus, it will be easy to deceive you. His angels also will not appear like this. The only thing that is evil-looking about them is what is in their hearts. Satan would deceive no one if he looked like this but if he looked more like Jesus, now you have a master deceiver at work. If you are not settled in this present truth you will fall. The truth is, Satan and his angels will appear more beautiful than our human eyes have ever seen. He was an angel of light, 2 Corinthians 11:14. His words will appear to be correct when they are lies. He will claim that the Sabbath was changed when God of heaven says in His Word that “one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled,” Matthew 5:18.

comingsoonThe pictures you have seen of Jesus in your homes, in books, and in the churches are more than likely what satan is going to look like when he appears on the world’s scene but more beautiful than that. The world is being trained to believe this is what Jesus looks like. Every eye will get a chance to see satan and hear him. He becomes omnipresent through technology. All those that were poor before, as we see today, now have means through credit cards to purchase their first home television sets and stereo systems that are going to amplify satan’s work and appearance. The evil angels are guiding the people today to buy these items first. I truly believe this because all the world will now be able to see first hand the counterfeiting of Jesus that satan will be doing and all his great miracles and spectacular performances that he will be displaying to the world. This will be in the hour of temptation. Satan will be doing almost everything Jesus did when He came to earth. Satan will deceive the world into making them believe that he is God the Creator just like he was able to convince one third of the angels in heaven that he should have been placed next to the Father in heaven rather than Jesus.

Understand this, if satan can deceive one third of the angels that were in heaven how much more damage do you think he can do to those that dwell and live on the earth that have never seen heaven or experienced the presence of God, or much less read their King James bibles? Don’t deceive yourselves. Satan is hard at work keeping the world entertained through every types of amusement to keep you from gaining true knowledge. This true knowledge is not of the world but of God through His WORD that is found in the King James Bible. This plan that satan has built up to keep people entertained is causing all to not care what the Word of God has to say or what is really going on today and so because of this, God’s people “are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee,” Hoesa 4:6. Entertainment will be the very thing that the world has come to love that will distroy them.  For this is one of the reasons why they will perish in the great white throne judgment.You need to read your Bible and put away what the harlot (Rome), her daughter (false prophet apostate fallen protestantism), their already fallen Seventh Day Adventist Laodicean-condition partner, and all the rest of what satan’s agencies are preaching and just read your King James Bible.  It is that simple. Listen to what God has to say for once in His Word and stop following after the doctrines of men. For the just judgment of God is soon to come to pass on the world. It will be just like in the days of Noe. For it is written in the book of Matthew 24:37, “ But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Please take the time to read, God loves you!!!

Signs of the Times, January 9, 1879 Satan in heaven, before his rebellion, was a high and exalted angel, next in honor to God’s dear Son. His countenance, like those of the other angels, was mild and expressive of happiness. His forehead was high and broad, showing a powerful intellect. His form was perfect; his bearing noble and majestic. A special light beamed in his countenance, and shone around him brighter and more beautiful than around the other angels; yet Jesus, God’s dear Son, had the pre-eminence over all the angelic host. He was one with the Father before the angels were created. Satan was envious of Christ, and in his ambition assumed command which devolved on Christ alone.

The great Creator assembled the heavenly host, that he might in the presence of all the angels confer special honor upon his Son. The Son was seated on the throne with the Father, and the heavenly throng of holy angels was gathered around them. The Father then made known that it was ordained by himself that Christ should be equal with himself; so that wherever was the presence of his Son, it was as his own presence. His word was to be obeyed as readily as the word of the Father. His Son he had invested with authority to command the heavenly host. Especially was he to work in union with himself in the anticipated creation of the earth and every living thing that should exist upon it. His Son would carry out his will and his purposes, but would do nothing of himself alone.

The Father’s will would be fulfilled in him. Satan was jealous and envious of Jesus Christ. Yet when all the angels bowed to Jesus to acknowledge his supremacy and high authority and rightful rule, Satan bowed with them; but his heart was filled with envy and hatred. Christ had been taken into counsel with the Father in regard to his plans, while Satan was unacquainted with them. He did not understand, neither was he permitted to know, the purposes of God. But Christ was acknowledged sovereign of heaven, his power and authority to be the same as that of God himself. Satan thought that he was himself a favorite in heaven among the angels. He had been highly exalted; but this did not call forth from him gratitude and praise to his Creator. He aspired to the height of God himself. He gloried in his loftiness. He knew that he was honored by the angels. He had a special mission to execute. He had been near the great Creator, and the ceaseless beams of glorious light enshrouding the eternal God, had shone especially upon him. Satan thought how angels had obeyed his command with pleasurable alacrity. Were not his garments light and beautiful? Why should Christ thus be honored before himself?

satanangryHe left the immediate presence of the Father, dissatisfied, and filled with envy against Jesus Christ. Concealing his real purposes, he assembled the angelic host. He introduced his subject, which was himself. As one aggrieved he related the preference God had given to Jesus to the neglect of himself. He told them that henceforth all the precious liberty the angels had enjoyed was at an end. For had not a ruler been appointed over them, to whom they from henceforth must yield servile honor? He stated to them that he had called them together to assure them that he no longer would submit to this invasion of his rights and theirs; that never would he again bow down to Christ; that he would take the honor upon himself which should have been conferred upon him, and would be the commander of all who would submit to follow him and obey him. There was contention among the angels. Satan and his sympathizers were striving to reform the government of God. They were discontented and unhappy because they could not look into his unsearchable wisdom and ascertain his purposes in exalting his Son Jesus, and endowing him with such unlimited power and command. They rebelled against the authority of the Son.

Angels that were loyal and true sought to reconcile this first great rebel to the will of his Creator. They justified the act of God in conferring honor upon Jesus Christ, and with forcible reasons sought to convince Satan that no less honor was his now than before the Father had proclaimed the honor which he had conferred upon his Son. They clearly set forth that Jesus was the Son of God, existing with him before the angels were created; and that he had ever stood at the right hand of God, and his mild, loving authority had not heretofore been questioned; and that he had given no commands but what it was joy for the heavenly host to execute. They had urged that Christ’s receiving special honor from the Father, in the presence of the angels, did not detract from the honor that he had heretofore received. The angels wept, and anxiously sought to move Satan to renounce his wicked design and yield submission to their Creator. All had heretofore been peace and harmony, and what could occasion this dissenting, rebellious voice?

satanturnsSatan refused to listen, and turned from the loyal angels, denouncing them as slaves. These angels, true to God, stood in amazement as they saw that Satan was successful in his effort to excite rebellion. He promised them a new and better government, in which all would be free. Great numbers signified their purpose to accept Satan as their leader and chief commander. As he saw his advances were met with success, he flattered himself that he should yet have all the angels on his side, and that he would be equal with God himself, and his voice of authority would be heard in commanding the entire host of heaven. Again the loyal angels warned Satan, and assured him what must be the consequences if he persisted; that he who could create the angels, could by his power overturn all their authority, and in some signal manner punish their audacity and terrible rebellion. To think that an angel should resist the law of God which was as sacred as himself; they warned the rebellious to close their ears to Satan’s deceptive reasonings, and advised Satan, and all who had been affected by him, to go to God and confess their wrong for even admitting a thought of questioning his authority.

Many of Satan’s sympathizers were inclined to heed the counsel of the loyal angels, and repent of their dissatisfaction, and be again received to the confidence of the Father and his dear Son. The mighty revolter then declared that he was acquainted with God’s law, and if he should submit to servile obedience, his honor would be taken from him. No more would he be intrusted with his exalted mission. He told them that himself and they also had now gone too far to go back, and he would brave the consequences; for to bow in servile worship to the Son of God he never would; that God would not forgive, and now they must assert their liberty and gain by force the position and authority which was not willingly accorded to them.

angelstoGodThe loyal angels hasten speedily to the Son of God, and acquaint him with what is taking place among the angels. They find the Father in conference with his beloved Son, to determine the means by which, for the best good of the loyal angels, the assumed authority of Satan could be forever put down. The great God could at once have hurled this arch deceiver from heaven; but this was not his purpose. He would give the rebellious an equal chance to measure strength and might with his own Son and his loyal angels. In this battle every angel would choose his own side, and his character and purposes would be manifested to all. It would not have been safe to suffer any who united with Satan in his rebellion to continue to occupy heaven. They had learned the lesson of genuine rebellion against the unchangeable law of God; and this is incurable. If God had exercised his power to punish this chief rebel, disaffected angels would not have been manifested; hence he took another course; for he would manifest distinctly to all the heavenly host, his justice and his judgement.

It was the highest crime to rebel against the government of God. All heaven seemed in commotion. The angels were marshaled in companies, each division with a higher commanding angel at their head. Satan was warring against the law of God, because ambitious to exalt himself, and unwilling to submit to the authority of God’s Son, heaven’s great commander.

All the heavenly host were summoned to appear before the Father, to have each case determined. Satan unblushingly made known his dissatisfaction that Christ should be preferred before him. He stood up proudly and urged that he should be equal with God, and should be taken into conference with the Father and understand his purposes. God informed Satan that to his Son alone he would reveal his secret purposes, and he required all the family in heaven, even Satan, to yield him implicit, unquestioned obedience; but that he (Satan) had proved himself unworthy a place in heaven. Then Satan exultingly pointed to his sympathizers, comprising nearly one half of all the angels, and exclaimed, These are with me! Will you expel these also, and make such a void in heaven? He then declared that he was prepared to resist the authority of Christ, and to defend his position in heaven by force of might, strength against strength.

Good angels wept to hear the words of Satan, and his exulting boasts. God declared that the rebellious should remain in heaven no longer. Their high and happy state had been held upon condition of obedience to the law which God had given to govern the high order of intelligences. But no provision had been made to save those who should venture to transgress his law. Satan grew bold in his rebellion, and expressed his contempt of the Creator’s law. This Satan could not bear. He claimed that angels needed no law; but should be left free to follow their own will, which would ever guide them right; that law was a restriction of their liberty, and that to abolish law was one great object of his standing as he did. The condition of the angels he thought needed improvement. Not so the mind of God, who had made laws and exalted them equal to himself. The happiness of the angelic host consisted in their perfect obedience to law. Each had his special work assigned him; and until Satan rebelled, there had been perfect order and harmony among the angels in heaven. Then there was war in heaven. The Son of God, the Prince of heaven, and his loyal angels, engaged in conflict with the arch rebel and those who united with him. The Son of God and true, loyal angels prevailed; and Satan and his sympathizers were expelled from heaven. All the heavenly host acknowledged and adored the God of justice. Not a taint of rebellion was left. All was again peaceful and harmonious as before.

The loyal angels mourned the fate of those who had been their companions in happiness and bliss. Their loss was felt in heaven. The Father consulted Jesus in regard to at once carrying out their purpose to make man to inhabit the earth. He would place man upon probation to test his loyalty, before he could be rendered eternally secure. If he endured the test wherewith God saw fit to prove him, he should eventually be equal with the angels. He was to have the favor of God, and he was to converse with angels, and they with him. He did not see fit to place them beyond the power of disobedience. By- Sister Ellen G. White

writingThat was written By our beloved sister in Christ, Mrs. E. G. White. The Holy Spirit manifested truth through her and if you are a child of God you will count this as truth and hear God speak to you through His Prophetess. She is a blessing and was given to us by our God in Heaven who loves us so much. Those that carry the testimony of Jesus Christ will have the” Spirit of Prophecy” and will know when a true Prophet and Prophetess comes in His name. They will manifest His perfect character in their words and their writings. The world today is so lost because they chose to listen to lies from Satan and his human agencies that manifest his character of hate, envy, strife, back biting, lovers of pleasure, idol worshippers, blasphemers, extortioner, fornicator, covetous, or a railer, drunkards, sorcerers, whoremongers, and “whosoever loveth and maketh a lie,” 1 Corinthians 5:10-11,  Revelation 22:15. These are all manifestation of satan who from the beginning of his rebellion in heaven (the start of Armageddon) rejected the law of God and still does today through the efforts of the Roman Catholic Church and all those that bow down to the demands of the pope and choose to keep their commandments and not the God of Heaven and His law that is for His universe. We will be keeping the law of God in heaven as we should here, for this is the whole duty of man and if you love God you will obey Him as He says  “Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye. Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the table of thine heart,”  Proverbs 7:1-3, Ecclesiastes 12:13.

bible1I want to remind you that the Ten Commandments total 295 words in length. However, the Roman Catholic’s ten commandments are a total of only 77 words. This is an open attempt to change the Law of God, regardless of the fact that Jesus Christ Himself declared in  Matthew 5:18, “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law…“ The Catholic church has removed 218 jots and tittles from the Law of God just as Daniel stated they would in Daniel 7:25. See: Commandments of the Catholic Church

This is still the work of satan and his rebellious actions towards the law of God.  He still believes that the law should not be. Please take the time and research this for yourself for proof on the efforts of the Catholic Church’s open attempt to do away with the law of God. Just open up God’s King James Bible and count the words for yourselves and then open up a Catholic bible or any other bible that the Protestants have made up like the NIV, NKJV, and such. These are bogus bibles. I’m sure the Roman Catholic Church leaders’ efforts are behind this work too because it truly does appear that all roads do lead to Rome which is to destruction and many do find that path.  We can see now why the Word of GOD says “ strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it, Matthew 7:14.

Good evening to all (Maayong gabii sa tanan).

1bible Matthew 24:42


November 9, 2009 - Posted by | Prophecy


  1. craig

    great article i find you articles very good and the HOLY spirit working through you to move others to CHRIST JESUS keep up the good work GOD bless

    Comment by ryan | November 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I FINALLY UNDERSTAND NOW!! Satan really is convincing to have gathered up other angels in heaven like that!!! im much more aware of how powerful he is now!! God please watch over us!!!

    Comment by LaMarr Deed | March 16, 2012 | Reply

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